50 Shades of Milk Bottle

March 02, 2017 | in Industry News

50 Shades of Milk Bottle

This large dairy has taken the bold step to protect the quality of their milk by moving to amber glass bottles! Oberweis Dairy has learned what other markets, notably the wine, beer, olive oil and pharmaceutical industries found long ago. That is, to keep their products’ integrity and help them last longer, use a bottle produced in color. Amber (various shades of brown colors are used) has the highest level of UV light blockage and green (also various shades used) follows close behind. Flint, the term used for clear glass, does not block UV light, leaving products that are affected by it vulnerable to loss of taste or even efficacy (in the case of pharmaceutical products). UV light can come not only from sunlight, but also even in doses high enough to cause problem in the grocery stores’ refrigerated cases.

Check out this video from The Chicago Tribune to see the new bottle and hear Pete Alle, Vice president of supply chain, discuss the bottle and watch it on their filling and packing line. (Bottle was not supplied by TricorBraun)

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