Clean Beauty is Making Waves

January 06, 2021 | in Industry News

Clean Beauty is Making Waves

As consumers strive for greater wellness-oriented lifestyles, they’re demanding more of their skincare products and packaging. The growing awareness of cleanliness, product quality, and our impact on the environment has given rise to a personal care trend known as Clean Beauty. Clean Beauty brands promote products without harmful ingredients, and only use natural ingredients with proven results. Above all, this trend is driven by authenticity and efficacy.

Klarna, a popular e-commerce financing app, reports:

Gen z has increased their spend on clean beauty products quote by Klarna

Transparency via packaging

Brand transparency is the foundation of Clean Beauty. Purpose-driven brands have demonstrated that quality products can be produced without harmful ingredients, and consumers will seek the same from national brands.

  • Belif uses labels that prominently feature the ingredients used, or where they were sourced to communicate the brand honesty consumers crave.
  • REN leans on simple shapes with controlled use of colors to help communicate a “back to basics” approach.
  • Farmacy features translucent materials that clearly showcase the product inside, and frosted textures add a comforting softness.

Belify, REN, and Farmacy product images


Sustainability via packaging section 2

Consumers who value Clean Beauty are both mindful of their environmental impact and savvy to inflated claims. Careful consideration of packaging materials can greatly impact sustainability initiatives and the perception or trustworthiness of the brand.

  • Where possible, plastic alternatives like glass provide consumers a reusable and recyclable option with a premium edge with the All Good Lip & Cheek Tint jar.
  • Pumps and multi-component dispensers have historically presented carbon footprint challenges. Direct to consumer (DTC) brand Prose gives consumers the option to order a refill but reuse their original pump.
  • Ilia utilizes aluminum and post-consumer recycled paper printed with vegetable-based dyes to provide eco-conscious packaging solutions, as well as a return and recycle program.

All Good, Prose, and Ilia clean packaging products

The Clean Beauty trend is redefining what beauty is all about, reinforcing the growing “good for me, good for we” sentiment as we balance our health with the health of the environment. Consumers in this category are considering the full life cycle impact of the products they purchase, and smart packaging choices are incredibly valuable to the success of the brand story.

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