Cleaning Efficacy is Expected

December 15, 2020 | in Industry News

Cleaning Efficacy is Expected

Increasingly, savvy shoppers seek security in products with science-based formulations, and cleaning products are no exception. Brands need to gain consumers’ trust in product efficacy to maintain and increase sales.

Products that promote cleaning benefits will be expected to illustrate efficacy, and the safety once associated with natural products will now need to be backed by experts. Chemical-based cleaning products will be viewed more positively when the brand messaging clearly demonstrates value exceeding consumer concern over chemical strengths.

Microban 24 is a sanitizing spray that kills bacteria on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours image

Added Claims and Features Provide Value

According to Brian Sansoni, of the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), consumers are seeking added confirmation that the surfaces and materials they are cleaning are also being disinfected. Products can increase value by adding “sanitizing” and “disinfecting” claims on their labels. While this trend is most prevalent in the home cleaning category, it is also seen in laundry and personal care. Packaging features like sprayers, dosing closures, wipes and refillable concentrates ensure convenience.

Windex and Lysol cleaner and sanitizer packaging

Natural Cleaning Bolstered by Science

Products with natural formulas were once favored as safer options. Now those “lighter” claims leave consumers uncertain about efficacy against powerful germs. The “new natural” should demonstrate harmony with science, using formulas that have been proven to sanitize with simple label messaging, clean graphic design, and transparent packaging materials to promote trust and authenticity.

Dr. Brites and CleanWell Botanical disinfectant spray packaging

Material Innovations Will Promote Sanitizing

Barclays Analyst Lauren Lieberman sees consumers desiring “cleaning as theater,” where spaces and products must not only be clean but show it as well. Expect to see an increased emphasis on “sterilization” beyond the product formulas and into the packaging components themselves. Easy clean and anti-microbial materials are all poised for growth, as are color changing labels that provide consumers a quick visual indicator of product safety.

No matter the package format or size, TricorBraun can supply the packaging to help meet consumers’ needs.

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