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June 16, 2020 | in Industry News

Home Care

Consumers are heavily focused on cleaning and disinfecting their living spaces to fight off germs and bacteria. As a result, products like wipes and sprays have been flying off the shelves. As consumers adapt to this new normal, cleaning will continue to remain top of mind, but they will also seek ways to return their home to the sanctuary it once was. Products that bring a more proactive approach to wellness in the home will drive long-term habits.

1. Household wellness emerges

According to WGSN, 54% of consumers report that cleaning their home relaxes them. Cleaning has a strong connection to mental wellbeing, as it conveys the sensation of being in control.

54% of consumers report cleaning their home relaxes them

2. Focus on product efficacy

According to Nielsen, product claims for killing germs, immunity and overall health resonate more strongly than claims around naturalness, sustainability, quality and brand.

consumers are will to pay more for products list

What does that mean for packaging?

As cleaning behaviors shift from chores to mindful rituals, a design language that borrows from the beauty and personal care worlds leads these packages to being displayed on the counter and used more frequently. Consumers will also seek packaging that is intuitive to use, with features that dispense product efficiently and streamline the overall cleaning process. This includes a renewed focus on limited or touchless functionalities that reduce the need to touch the product.

consumer benefits to homecare packaging

Looking ahead, home cleaning will continue to weave itself further into our daily routines. What began as an urgent need to combat bacteria and kill viruses will transition into long-term goals for health and wellness. By ensuring their spaces are clean and safe, consumers can inject a sense of security and stability into their lives. Meanwhile the inclusion of more hygienic features, like touchless functionalities, adds simplicity and convenience to how consumers interact with the products around them.

No matter the package format or size, TricorBraun can supply the packaging to help meet your customer’s needs.

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