How Packaging can help against food waste

September 08, 2014 | in Industry News

How Packaging can help against food waste

by Jeff Bolin

According to the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN), Americans throw away 36 million tons of food each year, valued at $162 billion. Per family, that comes to 654 pounds or $936. With 1 in 8 Americans currently food insecure, this waste could be redirected to those who need it. The United States collectively throws away enough waste to feed all of Canada.

With improved packaging, food will keep fresh for longer periods of time, as well as protecting the quality of food during transportation. With the increase of bulk food purchases, the importance of freshness provided by the packaging is growing as well.

  • 1/3 of all food waste is from spoilage of not being used on time.
  • By providing clearer information on the package the consumer knows the peak consumption time.
  • With individual packed items, consumers use their portion while the rest of package stays fresh and protected.
  • 33% of food waste it due to cooking or serving too much during a meal

Many people do not think of the packaging until it is time to be thrown away or recycled, but by selecting the right package upfront can save a lot of food and money, as well as keeping unnecessary food from landfills.

The following brochure can help understand the importance of packaging within Food Supply Chain.
Reducing Fresh Food Waste

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