Is the functionality of your packaging relevant?

July 25, 2016 | in Corporate News

Is the functionality of your packaging relevant?

Consumers drive innovation by embracing technology. Because technologies can be transferred across categories, it’s important to continually seek to better understand global trends and implications. Relevant technologies can be leveraged for use in a variety of applications; staying relevant is critical to your long term success.

Recently, we conducted some consumer research with focus groups to discuss and gather packaging preferences for traditional non-foaming, foaming and squeeze foam dispensers. Packaging options for a variety of different types of personal care products including liquid hand soap, baby wash and facial cleanser were explored.

The groups included stay-at-home mothers, ages between 30 and 50 with at least one child, three years old or younger in the household. Insights were gathered directly from consumers during these focus group sessions about what they prefer and how they interact and use packaging in the real world.

This insight provides a foundation for the functionality and aesthetics you need to stay relevant and win in the marketplace. Package stability via a wider base, a wide finger pad and a locking mechanism were noted among the most desirable functional drivers of the moms who participated.

To learn more, read the full story in this issue of GCI magazine.

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