Meal Kits

May 25, 2021 | in Industry News

Meal Kits

Consumers have developed a keen awareness of nutrition and its role in maintaining their total health and wellness. Products with plant-based ingredients, low sugar, and probiotics are all in demand by US consumers1, as is a hassle-free way to enjoy them. Online purchasing for many products saw growth over the past year, and grocery shopping was no different.

HelloFresh saw a 74% increase in active users

Since the pandemic onset, meal kits have become a popular way to address consumer demand for convenient and healthy eating at home. Pre-portioned ingredients take the prep work out of cooking, and right-sized packages allow consumers to explore new recipes, or target specialized diets, without committing to larger packages that might go to waste.  

Meal kits can contain both liquid and dry ingredients and can be purchased in a variety of formats:

  • Online subscriptions
  • In-store
  • Restaurant take-out kits3

Hungryroot and Plated Meal kit options

Given the mix of products contained in the kits, well-sealed packaging is a must, not only to protect the ingredients but to ensure a clean and enjoyable unboxing experience once it reaches the consumer. Unboxing theater can be likened to the first moment of truth on shelf; it’s the consumer’s first impression of the brand and the product prior to use.

Positive Unboxing Experiences Include:

  • Recyclable packaging
  • Easy open and secure-sealed packages
  • Thoughtful graphic design, both inside and out
  • Personal or informal language

Blue apron meal kits

Ecommerce-Friendly Packaging Includes:

  • Tamper-evidence
  • Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage bottles
  • Right-sized packaging, relative to the size of kit or number of portions
  • Resealable jars
  • Flexibles and Splendid spoon meal kit options

As consumer behaviors around eating and cooking evolve, meal kit solutions will need to constantly integrate into changing routines. Blue Apron, a pioneer brand to supply meal kits, is already tracking ways to add increased flexibility and variety to their products via a new “Add Ons” feature that will allow consumers to customize their order with additional appetizers, side dishes, and desserts4. According to Linda Kozlowski, CEO of Blue Apron, the meal kit trend is here to stay and an added level of personalization will support the continued evolution of the mealtime experience.


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