Packaged Probiotics for a Healthy Gut

May 05, 2021 | in Industry News

Packaged Probiotics for a Healthy Gut

Mental and physical wellness continue to be top of mind for consumers, and products that promote health and longevity are in demand. Consumers are now keenly aware of the effect of nutrition on our total health, as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. As a result, functional food and beverages that boost immunity, have less sugar, are free from preservatives, and supply helpful bacteria like probiotics are being prioritized.

US adults agree having a healthy gut is important

Probiotics, and where to find them

Probiotics are an active culture, especially beneficial for the digestive tract and can be found naturally in products like yogurt, kefir, or fermented products like kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut. Food and beverage brands that do not naturally include probiotics in their products are starting to add it in as a supplement.

Probiotics in packaged goods

Packaging Notes:

Common packaging formats for these products include high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and PET beverage bottles or glass and PET food jars. Tamper evident closures with break-away bands, liners, and vacuum-sealed lids will ensure product freshness and safety. 


Probiotic snacks provide a healthy convenience

As consumers’ eating habits evolve, three solid meals are becoming less common. More people are choosing to snack throughout the day instead as a way to fuel their bodies or enjoy a small treat.2   Brands who offer functional snacks and beverages that promote a healthy gut will provide a convenient way to incorporate a healthy indulgence into daily routines.

Product Spotlight & Packaging Notes

Products like Farmhouse Culture’s Gut Shots are sold in 2 fl oz PET bottles, or 16oz multi-serve glass bottles, and provide a daily dose of probiotics via cold-brewed fermented organic vegetables. Gut Instinct sells their probiotic snack bites in resealable flexible bags with indulgent flavors like cranberry + kombucha, or mint matcha + blueberry. For consumers who would rather drink their probiotics, they can add a powder scoop from Terra Origin’s Healthy Gut Berry flavored product, which is sold in a wide mouth canister.               

Probiotic Snack Options

The ability to customize will be key, and consumers will appreciate products that create the flexibility to support gut health in different ways. Keep an eye out for functional ingredients in the sauces and seasonings spaces that provide anti-inflammatory properties and promote healthy digestion.

Product Spotlight & Packaging Notes

Products like Apothé­­kary’s Follow Your Gut powder can be added to coffees, smoothies, or milks for a decadent stress reduction beverage. It’s sold in a square glass jar that can be recycled or reused. Mother Raw’s Japanese Salad Dressing is made with unfiltered apple cider vinegar. The glass bottle has a wider mouth, making it easy to pour the thick dressing over a bed of lettuce.

Spotlight products for a healthy gut

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2 Pollock, Louise. 6 Consumer Nutrition Trends for 2021. Food Dive. April 23, 2021.

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