Personal Indulgence

August 10, 2020 | in Industry News

Personal Indulgence

As our daily lives press on, balancing safety with the monotony of the new normal can feel exhausting at the best of times. Consumers are spending more time at home, but they are no less busy. Finding simple ways to relieve stress and refresh energy will be crucial for our ability to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Rethinking luxury experiences into products that can be conveniently incorporated into our daily routines will provide consumers a much-needed indulgence and promote the sense of physical and mental wellness they crave.


TULA Skincare: Probiotic Skin Care Products

Direct to Consumer Kits

&nbsp Right-sized products and lighter packaging are key. Functionally, packaging must prevent breakage or leaking during shipping, but it also needs to delight the consumer upon arrival. Consider all aspects of the packaging when designing for e-commerce channels. Everything from material selection, to colors, finishes, and overall design will be critical to the consumer’s unboxing experience and first impression of the brand.   



Experiences as Products

Brands are finding creative ways to bring the playful experimentation of bars and restaurants into the home. Small format beverage packaging lends itself nicely to DIY cocktail mixing kits, while aluminum cans have become the dominant format for ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails and low-alcohol seltzers.


TRULY Beauty

Clean Beauty

Consumers want to understand a product’s benefits as well as it’s ingredients. Clear packaging like glass or PET jars allow consumers to visually assess what’s inside. Simple graphic design with transparent messaging can quickly communicate the brand messaging.



Hygienic Packaging

Many personal care products are sized to last multiple uses. As consumers interact with these products daily, applying them to their face, hands, or bodies, there is an increased consideration with cleanliness and bacteria. Jars with applicators, or droppers allow consumers to apply the products to their hands, face, or bodies without contaminating the jar.  


Hungryroot™ Fresh Groceries on Demand

Wellness Meets Convenience in Cooking

While at home is the safer option now, cooking burnout is also a real concern. Pre-portioned meals and seasoning kits take the prep work out of healthy eating and provide consumers a convenient way to easily try new recipes, spice up what might feel like a tired meal rotation and bring gourmet comfort meals to their doorsteps.  


Saturday Skin

In-Home Treatments

The desire to work tailored versions of luxurious treatments into their “stay-at-home” routines has consumers seeking face masks, deep-conditioning skin cremes, hair colors and scalp treatments. Flexible pouches, jars and squeezable bottles are all packaging formats that will make these small indulgences a convenient mental retreat. 


Health and wellness goals are seeping into every aspect of consumers’ lives, and their personal indulgences are no different. “Treat yourself” is becoming “take care of yourself” and consumers are prioritizing brands that cater to this mindset. Experiences are still key, and packaging will play an even bigger role as consumers are counting on the packaging for added convenience, product cleanliness, and especially safety.

No matter the package format or size, TricorBraun can supply the packaging to help meet your customer’s needs.

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