Pet Food Packaging and Palletization

September 21, 2020 | in Flexible Packaging

Pet Food Packaging and Palletization

At TricorBraun Flex, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that come with pet food packaging and palletization. We have been serving the pet food industry for 30 years, with bag-making lines and innovative features that apply exclusively to pet food packaging. We are equipped to handle any of your packaging needs, including providing effective solutions for the palletization process.

Pallet stabilization is a critical component of the transportation and storage of a product. Unstable pallets can cause significant production delays and result in lost product and revenue. While several solutions are possible in flexible packaging, many have downsides. For that reason, TricorBraun Flex has created the 301PV, label-style degassing valve.

Warehouse worker moving pallet of pet food

This label-style degassing valve successfully releases the trapped atmosphere from each bag during the palletization process. While the valve allows a high-rate flow of air to be released, foreign contaminants are in turn blocked from invading the bag. Additionally, product cannot leak out.  Once the bags arrive at their destination and are unpalletized, the air is gradually let back in, restoring each bag to its natural state.

TricorBraun Flex designed this valve to have the smallest footprint possible. The valve is transparent, making it less obtrusive to the graphic elements in your packaging design. The valve can be placed on any panel of the bag, making it easily hidden from consumers. A strong industrial adhesive keeps the valve in place during rough handling and harsh climates. It is also important to note that the cost of the valve is comparable to “perforations”, making it the preferable option when compared to placing several holes in a bag for a similar purpose.

When looking for innovation and practicality, TricorBraun Flex has the expertise to guide you through your packaging needs. For more information about our flexible packaging options, valves, or to request samples of our flexible packaging, contact TricorBraun Flex at

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