QA capabilities: most comprehensive in the packaging industry

September 03, 2014 | in Industry News

QA capabilities: most comprehensive in the packaging industry

by Jon-Paul Genest

Our Quality Assurance capabilities are the most comprehensive in the packaging industry. Take a look at what we offer our customers and call your packaging consultant to find out more about how we can simplify, streamline and quickly resolve issues that occur in your packaging process.

  • Prepare specifications based on mold qualification data.

  • Immediately and effectively resolve all quality issues and complaints that may adversely affect product quality or customer relations.

  • Initiate and maintain up-to-date standard operating procedures for acceptable quality limits (AQLs), plus quality assurance, inspection and test procedures, GMPs and warehousing.

  • Develop, implement and administer programs with key vendors to ensure long-term quality.
    Perform tool qualification on new molds utilizing inspection, testing and statistical analysis, plus follow-up tool modifications.
  • Perform quality audits in-house or off-site, including pre-delivery sampling.

  • Provide on-site engineering troubleshooting for packaging and manufacturing issues.

  • Offer and perform complete laboratory testing, including:

    - MicroVu and comparator measurement testing
    - Gram weight and overflow capacity testing
    - Wall thickness
    - Top load compression and pull-off force testing
    - Drop impact testing

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