Trending: Spirits at Home

July 25, 2019 | in Liquor and Spirits

Trending: Spirits at Home

Enjoying spirits at home is not just a recession trend. Whether it be cost, convenience or safety, home will continue to be a destination for consumers to socialize with family and friends. In its Future Series [1], Diageo identified home as “our personal theater, pub and club all turned into one.”

The Home Bar Essentials

If you take a look at home décor sites, there’s a very good chance you’ll find content about bar set-ups. From specific bottles, brands and cocktail ingredients, to “how-to style a bar”, the at-home bar trend is undeniable. For millennial's moving into their first homes, these resources are especially helpful to learn how to set up a well-stocked bar. How does your spirits packaging fit in? When on display, creative, quirky, or luxury bottles all have the potential to add to the decor aesthetic of a home bar.

I Am What I Drink

Hendricks Gin BottleWith the increasing focus on “Insta-worthy” home bar setups, consumers are curating their spirits collections according to their personal values or aesthetic. The brands they choose are meant to speak to their taste and lifestyle preferences.

For instance, “retro” liquors and brands are on the rise. Hendrick’s Gin has gained an audience with hipsters who appreciate its old-time packaging and marketing efforts.

Some brands, such as Fireball Whiskey to Fernet-Branca, come with a caché and cool factor due to their unusual tastes. “Fireball came out of absolutely nowhere and then it was behind every bar,” according to a Bloomberg story. The popularity of shooter recipes using one of these brands is credited to millennials, who value ”experiential” drinking. Displaying these packages on one’s home bar shows the consumer is “in the know.”

Accessories for entertaining at home

Accessories for Entertaining

At-home bar setups remain popular in homes as they play the dual role of an aesthetic focal point and functional piece for any space. Specifically, the versatility by which consumers can create their own at-home bar setups and presentation, ranging from DIY Ikea hacks to thrifted vintage throwbacks to opulent investment pieces, ensures there is something for everyone.

Take for example, consumers using their own sets of decanters to create a more visually consistent in-home bar aesthetic. Given the potential array of bottle designs, shapes, sizes, and aesthetics, those who prefer a certain type of alcohol, but perhaps not the bottle design, can use their own. Check out the bottles and glassware (from TricorBraun’s Packaging Options Direct) selected by Nelson Treehouse for Shaquille O’Neal’s treetop speakeasy!

Creating New Cocktail Moments at Home

Dram ApothecaryBy packaging surprising ingredients together, brands are helping consumers to create new occasions at home. This is particularly true with seasonal beverages and warm cocktails.

Applying an apothecary angle to at-home cocktail making, DRAM Apothecary’s Hot Toddy Kit provides everything you need to make a craft cocktail (with or without booze), including loose leaf tea and vanilla flavored rock candy for stirring and sweetening.

How can you take part in the at-home trend via your brand’s packaging? Consider how you might update your current bottle designs to inspire pride. What would prompt consumers to want to display your bottle on their bar or countertop? Additionally, can you work with a packaging partner to design packaging or a cocktail kit that allows for a more engaging experience at home? How can you design packaging that fits into popular home design and décor trends?

Liquor Bottles on Bar

Winning in Spirits with Packaging

Spirits brand owners can drive consumer loyalty through packaging that meets consumers preferences and enhances the consumer experience. To achieve this, you need an experienced packaging partner that understands the consumer trends and behaviors that are driving the market. TricorBraun can help you develop meaningful packaging solutions that deliver on consumer preference and ultimately win at the shelf.

Take the next step to win in spirits with packaging by contacting TricorBraun at 800-325-7782 or

[1] Diageo, The Changing Face of Socialising, 2017

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