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Avlon Industries, Inc.

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Personal Care: Avlon Industries, Inc.

A Brand Makeover In An Industry Where Image Is Everything

Conditioning Relaxer is a best-selling salon product, but even though it has been a big seller for many years, the packaging needed a makeover.

Form follows function

The new product packaging, a 4 lb. bucket with an indentation for the 4 oz. bottle of a related product, helps hair stylists remember to apply both steps for their clients.

Packaging fit for an industry favorite

Avlon offers premium salon products, and many stylists think Avlon’s relaxers are the best on the market. This new packaging reaffirms the company’s dominance.

For more than 25 years, Avlon Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of salon and consumer hair products for the ethnic market. They decided to give one of their best-selling products, Affirm® Creme Relaxer, a makeover, so they turned to TricorBraun.

Design Innovation

Avlon’s Affirm line of products is designed for salon use. Because these are back bar products and not for consumer use, package design has never been a priority. However, it became clear that the product’s package was inhibiting proper use.

“Traditionally, we have just taped the 4 oz. bottles of Protecto® pre-relaxer conditioner to the 4 lb. Affirm buckets,” said ZohairaRizvi. “But after the tape was removed, the pre-relaxer was often misplaced and never used. We knew there had to be a better way."

TricorBraun’s engineers and designers worked closely with Avlon to create what the team internally deemed the “kangaroo tub.” The custom 4 lb. bucket included a molded indentation that allowed the 4 oz. bottles to snap in place. It was precisely what the product needed.

“This package delivered in several important ways,” said Rizvi. “It made assembly quicker and more efficient, it made it easier for use at the salon and it brought the packaging in line with our image as an industry leader.”

In addition, it made shipping and storage more efficient since Avlon could fit more products into a case and, therefore, onto a pallet now that the 4 oz. bottles were neatly tucked into the side of the 4 lb. buckets.

Project Complexity

Because Avlon uses the same packaging components for many of its product lines, it was important that TricorBraun’s new bucket design work with an existing lid. However, it soon became clear that the manufacturer of the lids couldn’t guarantee consistent specs. Many in each batch would pop off Avlon’s buckets.

TricorBraun stepped in and created a specially designed lid that worked with every 4 lb. bucket in the entire Affirm line of products—every lid, every batch, every time.

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Avlon Industries, Inc.

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