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AG Hair, a company that is committed to creating extraordinary products and doing great good for the world we live in, fosters a culture of creativity, entrepreneurialism and integrity in everything they do.  In fact, to be sure their products are consistently of the highest quality, effective, and perform in a way that delivers on their promises, they manufacture everything themselves, guiding the entire process from concept right down to packaging. Better yet, they are committed to making a difference far beyond helping their customers maintain healthy, beautiful hair; because they believe that educating women is the most effective way to promote economic development and end injustice and poverty, a portion of the sale of every single product goes to AG’s Women Leading Change Foundation, which builds schools and provides scholarships for girls in Africa.

Creating a Team of True Believers

Since their inception, AG Hair has worked to make exceptional products that make a difference and has created a working environment that supports their core values and mandates. Of course, the vendors they select to assist them are no exception and TricorBraun Packaging Consultant, Jadina Irving, has fit right in.

Over the past seven years, Jadina and TricorBraun have transformed an initial request to supply closures into a rewarding relationship that maximizes the best of what both TricorBraun and AG Hair have to offer. So when AG began to plan the launch of a new line, AG Keratin Repair, TricorBraun was brought in right away to help develop the packaging.

“Jadina always embraces new projects and becomes completely engaged in the development process.”
— Kathy Siefke, Materials Manager, AG Hair

Leveraging Core Strengths

Because AG Hair’s products are distributed exclusively in salons across Canada and the United States, the packaging for AG Keratin Repair had to have a similar high end look to the packaging of their existing lines but with a few special differences. To achieve their goals, they needed Jadina’s expertise and the wide array of options that TricorBraun brings to every challenge.

AG wanted to differentiate their new line of products while keeping their high end look but wanted to avoid the need for custom tooling in an effort to keep expenses down. After all, with a portion of profits donated to help girls in Africa become the future leaders of change, lower expenses make a difference to more than just the bottom line!
Throughout the project, Jadina brought her knowledge and broad access to a variety of products, vendors and processes to deliver the packaging that AG Hair desired. To do this, she sourced packaging for the five different products – two sizes of intense moisturizers, a daily conditioner, a shampoo and a protective sealant – from five different manufacturers using five different materials while still maintaining a consistent “family look” that was both high end and completely unique.

New materials, processes and packages were incorporated while creating this packaging, including AG’s first ever jar with an in-mold frosting process that gave the packaging a matte look and texture that deviated from their traditional pearlescent packaging, while retaining a cohesive look on the shelf. Even with big challenges like working with all different resins, a multitude of stock components, several different finishes, four separate silk screen vendors who all had to arrive at an exact color match and significant lead time considerations with the airless pump supplier in Germany, Jadina and TricorBraun delivered the new packaging for the AG Keratin Repair products right on time.

“TricorBraun’s ability to offer such a diverse array of packaging options is their core strength.”
— Kathy Siefke, Materials Manager, AG Hair

Use. Love. Repeat.

In the end, the folks at AG Hair were extremely happy.  With the help of TricorBraun and their packaging consultant, Jadina, AG Hair got exactly what they wanted with the cost savings they desired.  By bringing their own creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the job and finding a way to imbue stock packaging with the unique characteristics their client requested, TricorBraun earned 100% of AG Hair’s business.  And with AG Hair now calling TricorBraun their “go to” packaging supplier, a great working relationship continues to grow.

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