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Food & Beverage: Sabormex

When Sabormex began to strategize a full re-launch of their brand of soluble coffee, Café Oro, they faced tremendous challenges in their bid to succeed in very competitive markets, with strong leading brands. But with the help of TricorBraun Mexico and their ability to design and engineer cost-effective, reliable and innovative packaging, the relaunch of the Café Oro brand was a remarkable success.

A Golden Opportunity

Using cutting edge technology and continuous innovation, Sabormex made the decision to completely revamp its Café Oro brand in an effort to capture market share from their firmly entrenched competitor. To this end, they reformulated their product, invested in new machinery including new filling and capping machines and, of course, began the process of designing a packaging solution that would unquestionably refocus the end consumer’s attention onto Café Oro when they reached for a jar of coffee in their local store.

Sabormex looked to their packaging partners to create an extraordinary new design for their enhanced product that was not just market-changing but also manufacturable at a price that could match their competitior’s enviable cost structure. With three sizes of glass jars already provided by Pavisa, what Sabormex really needed was a truly unique solution for a cost-effective closure … and that’s when they called TricorBraun.

Closing The Gap With An Innovative Solution

The company Sabormex was using did not have the resources or competencies required to design, engineer and produce a closure that would work effectively with the new product and packaging.

When TricorBraun joined the team which included Sabormex’s Marketing, Engineering and R&D, they took on a complex design and engineering challenge in creating an innovative liner and plastic closure to match the glass provided by Pavisa while meeting tight time schedules and pricing targets for Café Oro.

“TricorBraun exceeded our expectations in every way. Innovative and creative, they met every challenge we handed them and helped us make significant strides in a very competitive category.”
— Javier Segura, VP of Operations

To keep costs down, TricorBraun designed a unique cardboard liner, then set about engineering that liner so that it would work seamlessly with their new plastic closure and the greater tolerances presented by the glass jar.

TricorBraun makes a business of making the impossible possible and the Café Oro challenge was no exception. The results of TricorBraun’s closure solution were outstanding; the closure was aesthetically perfect and functionally precise, literally capping the exciting new packaging design for Café Oro.

Making A Difference For Our Global Partners

With great aroma, unique flavor and packaging that sets it apart from its competitors, Café Oro has been very successful at capturing market share in the soluble coffee category since its re-launch in Q4 of 2011. TricorBraun is proud to have been a part of Café Oro’s renaissance and to be in partnership with Sabormex and Pavisa in making this brand a success.

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