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Household Chemical: Eliminator Weed & Grass Killer

Pennington Launches New Eliminator Grass and Weed Killer Powered Sprayer in Packaging Designed by TricorBraun

Pennington Seed Inc. planned to re-launch its popular Eliminator Weed & Grass Killer product for 2014 in a package incorporating a battery-powered sprayer. This would give consumers added convenience over the conventional pump sprayer used by many competitors. But the company also wanted the package to be filled and packed simply and effectively. That would involve integrating the sprayer with the body of the package.

Traditional packages with sprayers often place the sprayer in a separate holster on the outside of the primary package, which requires more space on the filling line and in shipping cases, and also creates the potential for snagging and delay on the filling line. TricorBraun designers worked closely with Pennington to nest the sprayer between the body and handle of the package, resulting in a slimmer, sleeker package configuration. As a result, Eliminator packages pass efficiently along filling lines and use space more efficiently both in shipping cases — reducing corrugated use — and on retail shelves.

TricorBraun designers explored existing sprayer packaging on the market and subsequently developed several concepts of integrated packages from which Pennington chose the final design. In creating the package, TricorBraun took the battery-operated sprayer produced by MeadWestvaco (MWV) that Pennington planned to use and designed a 1.25-gallon primary package structure with unique indentations into which the sprayer nozzle and trigger could nestle, then offset the bottle handle to accommodate the sprayer handle.

Since TricorBraun also built the package mold at its Cal-West Tool & Mold facility, they were able to design and control the very tight tolerances that make the nesting of the sprayer work. They also worked closely with CKS Packaging, Inc., which blows the bottle, to coordinate successfully blowing the unusual bottle configuration. The mold is also built to produce a flash of material in the bottle’s handle area during molding through which a cable tie is passed that keeps the sprayer securely in place through shipping and shelving in the retail store.

After purchase, the consumer cuts the tie to release the sprayer, but then can hook the trigger through the flash to keep the sprayer in place between applications. In use, the sprayer’s flow tube snaps into an opening in the bottle closure (which accompanies the MWV sprayer). Instructions printed on the head of the sprayer guide the user through priming and using the sprayer.

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Eliminator Weed & Grass Killer

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