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TricorBraun Develops the Ergonomic Package That Delivers XRCEL™, a New High-Performance Carbohydrate Supplement

XRCEL™ is a scientifically advanced carbohydrate supplement from New World Consumer Products, LLC. XRCEL’s temperature- and pHresponsive technology increases and sustains the oral bioavailability of carbohydrates. This drives and sustains the performance of athletes during competition and helps their bodies recover more quickly after performing. The supplement is formulated using a patented micro-gel delivery system created by its partner company, New World Pharmaceuticals. XRCEL is sold online, through specialty sporting goods stores, and it is also marketed directly to university, school and professional sports teams. Packaging the product in a convenient-to-use bottle was an essential part of New World’s plan for making it immediately available for the user whether participating in a sporting event, performing a strenuous exercise routine or working at a physically demanding job. It had to be properly sized, for example, to deliver the right amount of glucose to fuel performance without causing gastric upset or the bloated feeling one might experience with other higher volume products.

“The package is as important a part of the XRCEL delivery system as the chemistry of the product,” says Fred Sexton, president and owner of both New World companies. “It had to be not simply a container, but a functional tool, like any other essential piece of equipment that the user would have in his or her sports kit or toolbox.”
—Fred Sexton, President & Owner, New World Consumer Products, LLC

The supplement contains a specially formulated glucose, a simple carbohydrate that provides the most immediate source of fuel for the body and the brain, combined with essential electrolytes and minerals. What makes XRCEL unique is the temperature and pH responsive micro-gel delivery system that makes the fuel available as the body needs it.

“XRCEL was originally developed for use by high-performing amateur, college and professional athletes,” says Sexton, “but is equally effective in fueling the body and the brain of anyone engaged in extended physical exertion, both those who are exercising and those engaged in strenuous physical work, such as construction workers.”

Following focus group research conducted by New World, TricorBraun designers worked closely with Sexton, creating multiple computer concepts and 3D molded sample bottles. The result is a custom PET (polyethylene terephthalate) 4.75 fluid ounce bottle design, sized and shaped to fit the hand and including three horizontal molded ribs on either side to give it a secure grip. The bottle is finished with a colorful shrink sleeve –– including color bars over the ribs to focus attention on them –– reflecting the three XRCEL flavors currently available. It is topped with a tamper-evident 28mm closure, ribbed for easy opening with wet hands.

Currier Plastics molds the bottles using molds built by TricorBraun, and Berry Plastics provides the stock closure. SleeveCo. produces the shrink sleeves.

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