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TricorBraun’s Design & Innovation team continues to build our research library by conducting consumer focus groups.

A Win on the Shelf

At TricorBraun, our consumer research efforts are laser focused on obtaining a better understanding of consumer lifestyles, behaviors and emerging trends in a way that helps us readily anticipate consumer wants and needs. By looking inside the mind of the consumer and gleaning a picture of how and why they use products, we are able to elevate every aspect of packaging design. Translation… “A win on the shelf for the brand.”

Recently, focus groups were conducted to understand consumer appreciation for current tube packaging in the personal care market including facial, skin and hair care. Open-ended questions and packaging feature discussions were leveraged to identify likes and dislikes and overall preferences. The link below will lead you to the details of this research and give you a peek at both what was asked and what was learned.

Products Tested

Products Tested

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