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Date: March 06, 2014

TricorBraun Packaging Consultant Works with Rutgers University Students

For Immediate Release

Andrew J. Olsen, TricorBraun packaging consultant, has agreed to work with the senior package engineering students of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

He will work individually with students in addition to working with the senior class at large where he will share his experience in launching new packages and products.

As part of his participation, Mr. Olsen has arranged for students to be involved in the redevelopment of packaging for Hello brandTM products, the first line of “Seriously Friendly” oral care products. As part of their senior assignments, students are tasked with emulating the entire development process of real life consumer product goods launches, from cradle to grave. This includes working off a project brief provided by Mr. Olsen and then setting the success criteria, project timeline and core deliverables that define a successful project. Mr. Olsen also works with students to conduct studies that package engineers commonly practice in the field today, such as critical dimensional analysis of new molds, stability testing of new formulations and logistics analysis like drop ship testing and top load strengths.

“I see an opportunity to help students broaden their career perspectives as well as to the array of packaging disciplines they could pursue with a Rutgers engineering degree. This may lead to package engineering and /or development, purchasing, quality assurance, sales, marketing or operations in addition to other alternatives.

“By building relationships with students, I wish to help them realize their goals and establish a career of their choosing,” Mr. Olsen said.

TricorBraun ( is one of North America’s largest suppliers of rigid packaging. The company’s primary focus is on designing, sourcing and supplying bottles, jars and other packaging components for personal care; cosmetics; health care; food and beverage; as well as industrial and household chemicals. It has more than 40 offices globally and has one of the largest inventories of rigid packaging components worldwide.

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