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Date: March 19, 2012

TricorBraun Solves The Disappearing Scoop Mystery

by Michael L. Drohlich


Like quicksand, powdered-products frequently suck dispensing scoops down into the container’s contents giving rise to the enduring, “What happened to the scoop?” mystery. The story’s final chapter has been written by TricorBraun with its newly-developed Scoop Neck™ system which keeps the scoop neatly resting in the container’s neck.

TricorBraun is one of North America’s largest providers of jars, bottles and other rigid packaging components.

The unique neck design that holds the scoop in place does not require additional plastic nor does it interfere with the use of existing sealing materials. The scoops feature wide handles onto which a product name can be imprinted.

A moisture-absorbing scoop may be made with DryKeep™, a desiccant that absorbs three times more moisture than other desiccants.

In the case of consumer products, Scoop Neck™ desiccant scoops will remain with the product, and, unlike desiccants packets, they will not be poured by mistake into a drink or blender.

When required, the desiccant scoops are made with pharmaceutical grade PP and are traditionally off-white, although they can be manufactured in an array of colors. The DryKeep™ scoops are FDA GRAS and Code of Federal Regulations 21 compliant. They meet pharmaceutical purity standards for the United States Europe and Japan.

TricorBraun ( has more than 40 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia. The company’s primary focus is on packaging for personal care; cosmetics; healthcare; food and beverages; as well as industrial and household chemicals.

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