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Date: May 03, 2013

100th Calgary Stampede Commemorated With Award-Winning Whiskey Bottle

First TricorBraun customer to use new line of liquor bottles

A Canadian distillery helped the city of Calgary mark the 100th anniversary of its most important historical event—the Calgary Stampede Rodeo—by selling its finest 25 year old Canadian Rye Whiskey in a commemorative bottle created by TricorBraun Design and Innovation.

The eight-sided, chamfered, super-premium glass bottle won a Bronze Award in the Beverage Category of the National Association of Container Distributors annual competition. The NACD’s annual packaging awards program recognizes the most innovative packages released during the prior year.


TricorBraun, one of North America’s largest suppliers of bottles, jars and other rigid packaging components, provided Highwood Distillers with bottles that were a representation of an early 20th century premium whiskey bottle. A pewter label distinguishes it as a celebratory item. A classic red paper “excise tax strip” crosses the wood and cork bar-top closure as well as the sides of the bottle’s bulbous neck.

Under TricorBraun’s direction, the bottles were manufactured in Mexico. It is the first to use the bottle, called the Dublin, a sister package to the Caliber line which has three sizes: 375ml, 750ml and 1.75 liter.

TricorBraun Design and Innovation is a Chicago-based, TricorBraun subsidiary that provides award-winning design services and packaging evaluation for companies worldwide. Its services are offered without charge to the parent company’s customers.

TricorBraun ( has more than 40 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. The company’s primary focus is on packaging for: personal care; nutritional supplements; cosmetics; healthcare; food and beverages; as well as industrial and household chemicals.

Highwood Distillers is the only independent distillery based in Alberta and is one of the largest independent distilleries in Canada. It was founded in 1974 and is located in High River, Alberta. Its sales office is domiciled in Calgary. The company distills whiskey gin, vodka, rum, liquors and premixes, creams and ready-to-serve products. Its products are sold throughout Canada, the United States and overseas.

The National Association of Container Distributors is a trade organization of businesses focused on warehousing and distribution of containers and related items.

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