Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Sustainability Is Everyone’s Responsibility

TricorBraun has been actively working toward more sustainable packaging for more than two decades… and we’re not stopping now. As the largest supplier of rigid packaging in the world, we are in a unique position to both understand the potential impact of packaging on our environment and to have the privilege to do something to mitigate that impact. To that end, we actively work to support research and development and to source and supply emerging materials, to pursue best practices, to provide greener options and to encourage our customers to make the right choices for everyone.

Partnership Is The Path To A Greener Future

We support and participate in industry groups committed to the research, development and promotion of innovative, responsible and sustainable packaging. The knowledge and insight gained from our work with these partners allows us to educate our customers and proactively promote viable, more sustainable packaging solutions. In addition, we publish a bi-monthly newsletter, the Sustainability Times, to bring our customers, suppliers and employees a wealth of information about the work that our industry group partners are pursuing. Each newsletter is also filled with information about emerging technologies, new materials and inspiring success stories about products both big and small.

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